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Jennifer K. Rosas

I am a lovely Senior QA Engineer that has worked in various exciting projects! I have 14+ years of experience in QA, Support, Training, and Release Engineering. I am currently a team leader for performance and software testing specializing in Linux and iOS environments. I commit and complete projects on schedule for successful enterprise product launches.

As an SQA at Nok Nok Labs, Inc I have been a crucial team member in successful rollouts for various customers such as:

  • PayPal
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • Intuit
  • …and many more.
In 2014, PayPal and Samsung partnered up to provide fingerprint authentication into the PayPal mobile app. PayPal was Nok Nok Labs’ first customer to have ‘FIDO client & server ready’ deployment in the mobile market.
As one of the first Engineers in Nok Nok Labs, this was a major step for our team!
As a teammate at Nok Nok Labs, we provided ‘first to market’ that developed strong FIDO authentication. Docomo was our first global customer to implement Iris biometric authentication into their mobile ecosystem.
I was welcomed onsite to provide a 3 day training to their top engineers and then again during their first successful rollout to millions of users throughout the Japanese market.

What People Say

Jen is one of the best engineers I have worked with. She is smart, dedicated, reliable, and driven.

John Westien

Jen is very hardworking, loyal, and honest. She is humble enough to start at the bottom and work her way up. She has a very strong Linux and iOS background. We can trust her with any task, even if she is not familiar with the new task, she puts in her 100% effort and gets things done. I learned a lot of Linux skills from her. She is a good mentor and never hesitates to help her colleagues.

Ramya Krishnan

Since joining as an Intern under Jen, I have experienced the vast knowledge of iOS and Android, meticulous actions on issues, wonderful life balance, and the industrial exposure with the level of efforts she puts into projects. I would be always thankful to Jen, as beside her own task, she was always available for help regarding technical issues and ensured to help by me by providing proper solution.

Vaibhav Raj

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