family pets

family pets

we must also include a post for the pets in our tiny family. i would like to introduce you to dru (dog (girl)), duncan (cat), quinn(cat), pippin(cat).

dru is a rescue dog from a walnut creek rescue shelter. she is roughly 7/8 years old.

duncan is the oldest cat as well as the grumpiest. he’s a 19/20 year old cat with freaky eyes.

quinn is our middle child for the cats, he’s also the princess and the gentlest out of the three. he is roughly 11/12 years old.

pippin is our “little black terror.” oh my do we love him! he is roughly 1/2 years old.

Pippin (Little Black Terror)
Duncan and Quinn
Dru. (she’s happy I promise)
what they laughin at?
We climbed the ‘highest’ mountain!
No selfies -Dru