A state of being

A state of being

How am I being? What is meant to be in a state of being?

There are several sites that indicate a person or thing is in a state of being when either:
a. anything that exists is being
b. the quality, state or condition of having existence
c. the state or fact of existing

So what the hell does that have to do with how a person is being? Does it mean that we as humans just exist and that makes us beings?


Or, is the state of being just to exist-which also makes us human beings? What about being in a state of existing in reality? Whose reality then? our own?

SO MANY QUESTIONS! enter the confusing discussions of philosophy.

Let’s roll with the idea that Being is from a state of presence. We can ask ourselves “How are we being right now? Are we present? Are we somewhere 5 minutes ago? or 10 minutes from now? What is going on for us right this moment?” Oops. More questions.

Being mindful of our feelings.

Mindfulness is a great tool for learning and finding out how to be in the present. Ask yourself, “Am I here now?”
Where you choose to put your attention in this moment is something to give yourself 5 minutes to think about. The mind likes to be anywhere but right here. And the body only knows to be in the presence. Try becoming an observer of the mind and notice where it goes. Notice what thoughts and noise arises to the present. You can attempt to quiet the mind by paying attention to the body and breathing pattern.
Close your eyes and feel the sensations in your body. Feel the existence of the energy flowing in, through, and out of the breath. Feel your body just being there and drop into a sensation of “I am.” “I exist.” Let go of what needs to get done or what hasn’t been done yet.

By choosing to just ‘Be’ allows the mind to slow down, be still, and quiets the energy flow in the body. To simply exist without any attention to the past or future is a give for the Self to experience more than once a day. Practicing a state of Being may be a key exercise that will start to heal some of the crazy self-talk from anxiety. I’m no professional, but I know that it helps me, and maybe it can help you too!

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