attempt the impossible

stuff and things

Hi! I’m Jen, and I enjoy drawing stuff and writing.

I am a person that draws stuff.

Hero Bear is one of my favorite comic book heros, I took some time to draw this with my finger on my iphone

Wall mural for my nieces bedroom

Jack! I love his story!

This is one of the rocks that I painted. For some meditation and quiet, I enjoy painting rocks.

Baby Xander!

You know those rubber ducks? I sculpted Eeyore out of one. So, it’s an Eeyore duck!

I tried my hand at graffiti art

a mosaic table top that I created for a workbench I pieced together

Another sketch of Hero Bear!

Luna Chalk Art Festival I participated in

a sculpture for a work halloween event. I lead and designed the creation

This is of a man that I just conjured. No idea who or where he came from. It was suggested that he is St. Germain.

another attempt at graffiti art

I would like to write a story on a typewriter someday. Do I own one? yes I do.

typewriters. much wow.