how to help myself

how to help myself

Throughout life is the very mundane task of living.
wow. That’s a depressing thought, isn’t it? Well, that’s how I feel sometimes. I deal with a lot of depression and anxiety. Even though I’m medicated for both, there are times that I get so overwhelmed with whatever is ailing me-that my anxiety increases.
I don’t have panic attacks or need to be run to the hospital-it happens to come out in a different way.

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For me it comes out in anger and irritability. There are times when the anger is so extreme that it takes over an hour to calm down.

So what should I do when I come across all this emotion that is tearing and heating up my body?

I turn to meditation. Meditation helps me to refocus on a different perspective with what can flow through my body instead of what is currently going on.

I don’t stop everything I’m doing and all of a sudden lie down to meditate. I breathe and turn everything inward. Asking myself questions…ok, where am I feeling everything right now? is it in more than one place in my body? where is my tension when I focus on that feeling?

Then what?

I gotta send some love and light to that part in my body where it feels the most painful, or tense.

Let’s go through an example: Say I had anxiety all day and have been stressed about what may/may not happen about a certain event in my life. Later, it would turn into being pissed off over something stupid and my anger is so elevated that I need to go away.

So, I take a walk or go to a separate room or simply go outside. This is where the meditation will start. I can sit outside or be in the room-but I don’t walk and meditate unless it’s mindful walking…anyway…

The feeling in my body may be in my left middle back. what do I do with that once I find it?
There is a process to go through in letting that pain/anger go. I have to creatively visualize opening that pain up. what does the pain look like? what color is it? what shape does it take?

Once it’s found and opened up it’s time to send it away with more visualization. what does releasing it look like? which direction is it going? what form does it take?

Now that the pain/anger is gone-it’s time to fill it up with love, light and some kind of positive energy. what does it look like? what does it feel like?

There it is. This process takes some time so I can’t say how long it takes. It’s different every time. It’s a major episode that I go through with anger/anxiety. It isn’t something that happens all the time, but when I go through it, I have a meditation tool that I can use to process and get through that moment.

Maybe this will help you too… 🙂

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