Hello world!

Hello world!

ever wonder why the fuck people put that as their first communication out to the world? i used to, but then i realized…what if it is the first time we communicate with the “world-wide web?” we open up the laptop or mobile to bring up the browser and boom…we are staying “hello” to the world of the w i d e web!
is it the real reason? idk, but i’m keeping it.

so…hello world! this is a brand new website that i created. it’s going to have different kinds of things that are related to whatever i want.

takes a lot of patience to lift heavy things…

i have been doing a thing. powerlifting. i have been doing this for 3 years. it’s been fun, i’m good at it, and i like the people. this is a true weight that i’ve lifted in a deadlift. this is a 210 lb lift. it is not even a one rep max.

…and a lot of silly faces made when lifting them.

…to achieve the incredible…you must attempt the impossible…

deadlift attempt from my first competition…3 white lights yo!
deadlift attempt from my second competition…3 white flags!