story time…

story time…

I’ll tell you a story.
It began in May of 2017 and i was the heaviest i’ve ever weighed. So i decided to do something about it. i signed up for a 6 week challenge at a gym. Lose 30lbs (i think) or put the $$ of the challenge towards a gym membership there. ok so, i did the challenge which also involved a nutrition and specific food regimen. Did i lose the weight? yeah. Did i lose the 30lbs? no. i lost 21 lbs. What the most important part of this challenge is that i worked out hard. i ate according to the plan; and little did i know…i gained a huge community!

There began the challenge I’ve been looking for. Lifting weights. In an instructor led class attended 3x a week with a community of people who inspired each other to work hard, I learned how to gain strength.

I even had a fucking back injury and to be honest, I don’t know what actually caused it, but things took a literal spill in 2013 when I was fat and decided to try roller derby. yeah, lets not go back there again. When I joined the gym, I thought I would suck at everything and not be able to lift anything heavy. Afraid of what it would do to my back.

I was afraid I of…

  • fuckimg up my back even more
  • pulling something that shouldn’t be pulled and then I’m screwed
  • not be able to lift cuz I’m a 37 year old woman and everyone else is younger than me
  • worrying about what others will think of me…or see me fuck up!

But with the right tools, coaches, and time I didn’t fuck it up. There were setbacks and shit happened such as pulling a muscle or getting sick. Eating too much food.
What I learned is that shit happens. It doesn’t mean that I permanently fucked up. Or that it’s a setback to starting all over again.

Here’s the truth…things ARE going to happen. It’s how life is. Things are supposed to happen! It’s how we learn and grow. -and get stronger!

The most important thing to do after we feel like a failure or go backwards on the weight is to keep going. Keep going to the next press, or bench, or squat. Keep going with life. It’s ok.

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